Most businesses have had to alter their way of recruiting and interviewing over the last 12 months because of the pandemic and it has made everyone look at how they prefer to interview and what they will do in the future when we are all working in our ‘NEW NORMAL’ with less restrictions.

Weather you like a traditional interview and offer or are looking to try the new escape rooms or speed dating style recruitment methods. Finding out what works for you and your business is key to securing the best talent around.

Tried and tested interviews

Advertising a role, sifting CV’s and arranging a traditional style interview works well for a lot of businesses. Or does it? Do you recruit this way because you get the best calibre of candidate or because it is the way you have always done it? What works for you?

Online testing

How many of you use online testing and what does it cover? Numeracy, Literacy, Psychometric profiling? What does this tell you about the candidate and how do you use it in line with your interviewing process? Do you filter candidates with the test results or do you use them to help paint a full picture of a candidate?

Assessment Centres

Do you find that you get enough good calibre candidates to attend? How successful are the days in finding the talent for your business? What does your assessment centre involve? Roleplays, interviews, tests, teamwork tasks, tour, meet and greet? If you are not filtering the good from the bad could you look at something else?

Telephone interviews

Why do you do a telephone interview? What do you ask during this and what are you looking to find out at the end of the call? Are they worthwhile and a good use of your time?

Video interviews

This has been the norm during the pandemic, however it had previously only been used for those who were recruiting nationally / internationally. How do you like video calling as a way of interviewing a candidate if they are unable to get to you for the first stage? How successful has this been for you and them? Will you continue to use this style?

Speed dating style / escape room activities

A training company, The Knowledge Academy, surveyed 1,200 job seekers and 480 companies, revealing potential recruits are most open to being assessed through escape rooms, with 76 per cent saying they were willing to be evaluated on their performance in a physical adventure game of that sort. Second-most popular was the idea of professional “speed dating”, with 70 per cent of would-be applicants willing to give this a try. 54 per cent, were willing to be assessed by a game of Capture the Flag. Have you tried anything as unusual as part of your recruitment process? How successful did you find the process?

Project Assessment

A lot of businesses are starting to think about how they can recruit without discriminating against anyone who could be Neurodiverse and have brought candidates in to undertake a project based assessment, where they give the candidates tasks to complete that are relevant to the role to see how they would actually do the job if hired. This is a great way of seeing their practical ability and quality of work. Would this work for you or have you tried it instead? 

What ever your recruitment style and process, just make sure you continue to search for the right talent for you and not do something because it is the way you have always done things….

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