Consultation and Strategy

At KDR, we use our consultancy and strategy services to empower our clients. We don’t simply offer one-size-fits-all solutions to our clients, instead, we utilise our in-house and external experience to educate and advise our clients about actionable change that will improve their company.

Why trust our consultancy services?

We complete our consultancy services in a three-step approach: educate, advise and prepare. We not only provide our expert opinion and innovative solutions to businesses, but we also help them to address specific industry challenges, some of which we outline below…

• Recruitment: We can create strategic recruitment planning, ensuing you build the optimum workforce and complete salary benchmarking.

• Brand: It is essential that as you recruit and restructure your business, your brand message stays coherent and strong.

• Talent: If you want to find the best candidates for your company, candidate attraction events can help you beat your competitors and find the best prospects.

• Inclusion: We can help you analyse your current business inclusion level and help you recruit across a variety of channels to improve your diversity.

We tailor our services to suit your needs

Our consultancy services can be used independently or in unison with other recruitment models. This ensures no matter the current recruitment practices your business currently operates with, we can help you make positive and strategic decisions. To ensure your company is future-proof, we regularly host thought leadership events to help our clients prepare for their future.

What are the benefits of KDR’s consultation and strategy services?

• Insight: We don’t just find temporary solutions to problems. Instead, we expose patterns and identify challenges at the root of the problem and offer innovative solutions.
• Expertise: Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering results.
• Adaptable: Businesses can choose to use our services individually or as a bolt-on to other services.
• Optimised: We help businesses create measurable change by thinking strategically and optimising their business processes.

Do I need consultancy services?

If you want to optimise your recruitment lifecycle and overcome recruitment challenges your business may be facing, KDR can help. We have a broad portfolio and have experience working in multiple different industries. For example, we have helped businesses create a workforce plan, helped build strategic initiatives and improved recruitment processes for businesses. Any business can benefit from consultancy services, as consultancy services help optimise and streamline the efficiency of a business.

Contact KDR

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