Consultation and Strategy

At KD Recruitment, we don’t simply offer one-size-fits-all solutions to our clients, as we appreciate every client and every job seeker is unique. Instead, we offer bespoke consultancy services and utilise our in-house and external experience to create actionable, positive change for our clients.

Innovative consultancy experts

Our specialist consultancy services can be summarised in a three-step approach, educate, advise and prepare. This approach ensures businesses can overcome industry challenges with ease and businesses are not held back by hurdles in their sector.

We deliver expert recruitment services helping businesses to build and maintain their optimum workforce. For example, we complete detailed research into salary benchmarking to ensure the best talent is attracted to your company and will remain in your company for the long-term, rather than being enticed by one of your competitors.

Local specialists

As a Yorkshire based company ourselves, we utilise our expert local connections and knowledge to stay two steps ahead of your competitors when creating effective business strategies. For example, we can use our specialist local knowledge to find rising talent in your area if improving talent acquisition is a goal of your business.

Bespoke consultancy and strategy services

No matter what your current company goals are, or what challenges you are currently facing in your industry, we can tailor our bespoke services to meet your unique needs. For example, if your business is currently making inclusivity a priority, we can help you analyse your current business inclusion level and help you recruit across a variety of channels to improve your diversity.

Our consultancy services can be used independently or in unison with other recruitment models. This ensures no matter the current recruitment practices your business currently operates with, we can help you make positive and strategic decisions with measurable results.

KD Recruitment partners

You can expect more than just temporary solutions to problems when you choose to work with KD Recruitment. Instead of finding short-term solutions or cutting corners to meet goals, KD Recruitment exposes patterns and identify challenges at the root of a problem before offering innovative solutions. Our team have over 15 years of combined experience and have the knowledge, passion and professionalism to deliver results you can rely on time and time again.

Thorough services

If you want to optimise your recruitment lifecycle and overcome recruitment challenges your business may be facing, KD Recruitment can help. We have a broad portfolio and have experience working in multiple different industries. We can help your businesses achieve anything from creating an effective workforce plan to building strategic initiatives and improved recruitment processes.

The Next Step

If you would like to learn more about KD Recruitment’s consultation and strategy services, do not hesitate to contact KD Recruitment today. An expert member of our team would be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

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