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Uploading a newly updated CV will allow us to review your past experience and assess your suitability for the type of roles you want. We build a candidate profile for you and then conduct a job search based on both your preferences and your particular skill set, as well as your prior experience. Once we have all your career details in place, we can then go about putting together a list of potential roles which you might be interested in, prior to the further discussion.

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    Please make sure all the information which you provide is as up to date and accurate as possible. With the most recent details on file, we can be in touch at any time with news of an exciting opportunity. For this reason, sending your CV to KD Recruitment puts you in pole position to find out about roles which may interest you, whether you are currently in employment or not.

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    You can see your CV as your personal calling card, advertising your most attractive assets to employers. Once we have the document, we can use it as a means of going in search of the best jobs for your, in the knowledge that we have a suitable candidate who is able to fill the role. Once you submit the CV, we will keep it in our database, filed according to both the nature of your experience and your preferences in terms of specific roles.

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    It will take only a couple of minutes to fill in the form below, after which you will have the advantage of being on the KD Recruitment database. We will need all the important details, such as your full name, address, telephone number and email address, and then there are two bits of information which will help us find a job for you. This is your notice period at your current place of employment, should you have one, as well as your current salary. While your current salary might not determine what you earn in your next role, it acts as a ballpark figure which allows us to guide our search and hopefully secure you a larger salary in your future position!


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    The sooner you upload your CV on the KD Recruitment website, the sooner we can begin targeting it at the right positions and find a job for you. So update your CV and send it through today, giving yourself access to a wide range of roles in the North Yorkshire and Humber region.