Outplacement Services

If your business is going through a restructure or redundancy process, give your employees the best opportunity to put their exceptional skills developed whilst with you to good use by investing in dedicated outplacement services from KD Recruitment.

What are outplacement services?

Outplacement services, otherwise known as Career Transition, are designed to help your employees take a confident step into the wider world of work after leaving your employment. Redundancy can be a difficult prospect for many employees, no matter how generous the package you have provided may be. Our outplacement services will give them an invaluable helping hand, offering the support and guidance required to find their next career move.

What outplacement services can we offer?

At KD Recruitment we have extensive experience in providing a wide range of outplacement services to a host of clients. There’s no “one size fits all” approach, we want to discuss with you what the perfect outplacement service provision might look like for your needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • CV & application guidance
  • Internal or external interview preparation
  • Social Media coaching, including LinkedIn
  • Fully qualified professional HR support
  • Personality/psychometric testing options
  • Individual and group workshops
  • High-level executive coaching
  • The benefit of our extensive recruitment experience

No matter the size of your business or the scale of your redundancy or restructuring program, we can help you make sure that your former employees are able to confidently go out into the job market and find their next opportunity. We’ll work with you to develop a uniquely appropriate service platform.

Why should you invest in outplacement services?

A good outplacement service will allow you to cement your brand and reputation with your former employees as they move on to their new career. So, whether it’s through a restructuring program or redundancies, we can work alongside your senior management team or HR provision, to enable you to handle the delicate process of redundancy effectively. You will leave your employees with a lasting positive impression that they have received as much support and assistance they need to find their next job.

Working with an Outplacement provider like us shows that your business cares about its employee experience, even when those employees are entering the redundancy process. Investment in outplacement services can help you to continue building your Employer brand, even through periods of change.

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