Talent Acquisition

No matter how precise your requirements are or how competitive the industry you operate in is, the perfect candidate is out there. At KDR, we source the best candidates for your business or organisation and ensure to connect you with the best prospects for your company. The future of your workforce is safe with us.

Put your faith in us

Our talent acquisition services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. We work flexibly to a schedule that suits your preferences and attract, select and retain talent that we believe will benefit your company and boost your strategic plans.

Our services will ensure you are the employer of choice in your industry. Throughout our talent acquisition services, we ensure to maintain your company branding at all times and always stay true to your company culture.

What we do

At KDR, we have a wide range of experience working in multiple different industries, such as IT, HR, sales, marketing, supply chain management and engineering, to name but a few. Our specialist team understand the local market and can help you overcome talent acquisition issues in your local area.

Whether you are hoping to recruit a new employee, or outsource all of your future recruitment needs, we are the company you can trust. From workforce planning to talent attraction, KDR will be with you and help you at every stage of your recruitment processes. Our services ensure your recruitment processes are streamlined, efficient and help you secure the best candidate possible for a role.

Do I need talent acquisition services?

You will benefit from talent acquisition services if…

• You have one/multiple vacancies to fill
• Your candidate specifications are niche
• Your business does not yet feel ready for an outsourced solution to your resourcing programme

What are the benefits of hiring KDR talent acquisition services?

• Strategy: We ensure you are always two steps ahead of your competition by thinking about talent acquisition in the short and long-term.

• Experience: Through efficient, streamlined processes and impressive candidate engagement we ensure to create a consistent, enjoyable candidate experience.

• Cost-effective: Our expertise allows you to find the best candidates for a job role quickly and efficiently, helping to reduce recruitment costs.

• Employee retention: We maintain your company branding and culture at all times, ensuring recruited talent have realistic expectations for your company.

• Expertise: For over 15 years KDR has been building a reputation as specialist recruiters and utilise this experience in everything we do.

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If you would like to learn more about our talent acquisition services, do not hesitate to get in touch with KDR today. We can optimise the future of your workforce.

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