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KD Recruitment is more than just a recruitment agency: we are also experienced talent and resourcing strategists. We work closely with your business to understand your future resourcing needs. Without the right people in your business, it cannot grow.

Whether you’re looking for your next member of staff, or you’re ready for your next career challenge, KD Recruitment can help. Specialising in a wide range of sectors such as Sales and Marketing, HR, Finance, Office Support and Logistics, KD Recruitment is the perfect choice for job seekers and employers throughout North and East Yorkshire.

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“I have worked with KD Recruitment for a number of years now to assist with the recruitment of my office based sales and customer service teams. Initially I’d use a number of agencies on the assumption that I’d see more variety of candidates, however I soon changed this approach and used just KD Recruitment. Their consultant took the time to come in and meet me, and not only understand the needs of the business, but also the needs of the individual teams, the dynamic behind them and what skills and attitudes would complement the existing team. Because they understood what I was looking for, I knew that they would put the right candidates in front of me. This saved me so much time as there was no need to read through CVs and assess suitable candidates, I knew that if the Recruitment Consultant thought they were worth me seeing, then it was worth my time. They would also give me advice in terms of the general recruitment market at the time, salary expectations in the area for similar roles etc, and be honest with me if I was being unrealistic. KD Recruitment brought a real wealth of information. I would not hesitate in recommending KD Recruitment and their services!”


Looking to recruit?

KD Recruitment work closely with all of our clients on their recruitment campaigns and the strategy around these, writing effective job descriptions and adverts to enable us to start our thorough search and selection process to source the best talent around. We like to hold regular review meetings with you to discuss staff retention, salary bench-marking, current market trends, talent mapping and planning ahead: being pro-active with your resourcing strategy, rather than reactive.

As your recruitment and talent-acquisition partner, we will work alongside your own recruitment processes seamlessly to source the best talent for your business.

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Building the right team is essential for long-term growth. Get on board with KD Recruitment and give yourself the best chance of finding the right talent for your organisation.

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Taking the next meaningful step in your career is never too soon. Browse our job board today for some exciting opportunities, or register your CV today and receive a call back from us.

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