Retained Recruitment

Find the ideal candidate for your vacancy with a retained recruitment solution. As the most secure method for filling individual positions, it ensures the highest calibre of candidates over your specified period. At KD Recruitment, our consultants prioritise retained assignments to help you find the best results.

Quality service

Choose our retained recruitment search and benefit from the high level of commitment we develop between client and consultant. You receive, on average, five times the number of working hours spent when compared to a standard contingency search, thanks to the time dedicated by our recruiters to evaluate the potential candidates. When we partner this with your passion for finding the right person, the results are exceptional.
At KD Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our timeliness, working quickly and efficiently to secure the right person for the vacancy. Some job searches can take anywhere from three months upwards to complete, so make sure you have professional services on hand to help. Each of our consultants specialises in offering the organisational support you need, making the process run as smoothly as possible. Plus, we will prioritise your vacancy when talking to potential candidates, preventing problematic bidding wars.

Easy-to-understand payment process

When you choose our retained recruitment service, you benefit from our consultant’s industry knowledge, making the process simple to understand. Unlike contingency searches, we can help you fill the position in three simple payment steps:

  • Stage 1- When you agree for one of our specialist recruitment consultants to work on the vacancy on a retained assignment basis, you pay a proportion of the total invoice. This stage guarantees their time and effort in prioritising this position.
  • Stage 2- The second portion of the payment is due once we have provided you with a shortlist of candidates and you know who you would like to interview.
  • Stage 3- You find your perfect candidate. When the new employee begins working for you, and the consultant receives their final payment, the process is complete.

Excellent results

Make the most of our retained program to find qualified candidates within the job market. As such, you get the maximum recruitment performance for your money and the opportunity to discover the missing piece in your company. Plus, most retained searches cost no more than contingency recruitment, delivering excellent results without the expense.

Key benefits

When you choose retained recruitment with KD Recruitment, you will benefit from our expert services. First of all, your company will access professional candidates not available elsewhere on the job market, delivering you a quality shortlist of committed candidates. We customise our services to you, ensuring we tailor our interview questioning to find the best fit.
On top of this, you can improve your Employer Brand by using our dedicated resources to create a faster recruitment process. Your job adverts offer the public an insight into your company and the people who work there, so ensure your recruitment is professional and timely with our top-tier service.

For more information, get in touch with our team at KD Recruitment and start your journey towards quality recruitment today.

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