What is an Outplacement or Career Transition Service? 

Outplacement is also known as Career Transition, and it’s a service to support employees leaving an organisation often through a restructure or redundancy process.

A good outplacement service will help your employees by supporting them transition into the job market and secure their next career move, along with promoting your Employer Brand.

Why is Outplacement so important?

During difficult times, like those we have faced over the last few years, making redundancies is extremely difficult for everyone involved. So being able to offer your employees Outplacement Support can be a powerful tool. Their lasting memory of you and your business is often how they are treated during this process, so make it a positive one.

If your employees leave feeling that they have been supported and you have done everything you can to help them in this transition, they are more likely to promote your culture and employer brand, even after they have gone. However, if they have a bad experience, it can have a negative and potentially detrimental effect on your brand and reputation.

Employees offered Outplacement support are 50% more likely to settle into a new job, as apposed to those without.

What can you expect from your Outplacement Support?

At the moment, most HR Managers will be running at capacity as these redundancies will be affecting their own teams as well. Which means that even with the best intentions, they will not be able to dedicate their time to supporting all of the affected employees going through the consultation period.

A good Outplacement service should be able to offer your staff the following as a minimum:

  • CV guidance and interview preparation
  • Using Social Media and job boards effectively in your job search
  • Personal Branding
  • Understanding the job market and how to work with a recruitment agency
  • Career coaching, 1-2-1 and group workshops
  • Personality and psychometric testing.

You should think about the emotional support you need to give to your employees, as this is a very difficult time for them, and using a specialist Outplacement service can offer independent practical and emotional advice and guidance in the form of coaching and 1-2-1’s to help those who need it most.

Should you use Outplacement when going through Voluntary Redundancies?

If you’re looking at voluntary redundancies, offering outplacement support will make choosing redundancy more appealing.

Your employees will feel more comfortable leaving knowing they’ll be properly supported into their next career role. A voluntary redundancy scheme which has the right level of support will help ensure uptake, and even help you avoid involuntary redundancies further down the line.

A key benefit of a voluntary redundancy scheme could mean that any employees who stay on are the ones who really love their role, whilst the people who leave may be more open and ready to explore new opportunities.

There are many Outplacement providers out there but often, your Recruitment Agency is the best place to start as they will have a specialist team available to support your employees through every stage of this process and work along side your HR function.


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