If you are thinking about looking for a new job as you dont think your salary is high enough, I would first suggest that you speak to your manager to see if the business can increase your wage or offer you a promotion.

It can be daunting thinking about asking for a pay rise or a promotion, so here are our tips on how to approach this with your manager.

Share your goals and ask for feedback.

Speak to your manager about your long-term goals with the company and ask them for their recommendations on how you can look to improve and develop, so that you can achieve these.

Take on more responsibility

Start looking for way in which you can solve issues for yourself, think about and understand the core strategy of the organisation and see what you can do to contribute to these.

Proactively Communicate your wins

Let your manager know in a positive way that you are consistently exceeding expectations in terms of your current role and job responsibilities.

Demonstrate your accomplishments and added value

Share examples of projects you have completed and how they have positively impacted the business: –

Was there an increase in revenue?

Did you save a customer?

Have you received positive feedback from colleagues or other leaders regarding the quality of your work?

Focus on why you deserve it, not why you need it

Believe you’ve earned it!

Focus on deserving it not needing it, as employers are only looking to give a raise to people on performance, not because of their personal circumstances.

Practice your pitch

Rehearse what you want to say in advance of your meeting, so that you can think about the type of questions your manager may ask you, and so that you can think about how you are likely to answer these questions.

Do your research

Look into your market value, study salary trends for your profession, geographical area and industry, roles with similar job titles, qualifications and your duties and responsibilities.

Its best to give a precise number instead of a round number, as you will seem more informed, e.g., £23,500 rather than £25,000.

Talk about the future

Show you’re invested in the company.  Managers value loyalty, start on the fact that you like working for the company and your manager, then explain what you want to do in the future, how you plan to contribute to growing the business.  Volunteer for a project or create one.  Explain how the new responsibilities you’d like to take on and how it will hep the company to grow and generate more income or savings.

Be prepared to hear “No”

Don’t get discouraged if you manager says they need to think about it or if they say no initially.  Request an interim performance appraisal with clearly defined goals and salary adjustments before your next annual review.  Communicate how seriously you take your career, ask for things beyond a salary increment such as personal development opportunities or trade salary for additional holidays.

Remember its normal to ask for a raise and its not likely to damage for relationship with your manager if you do this is a constructive and professional way.

Try to be thoughtful about your timing and the location of the meeting, so that you have the best chances to get the best results for you.

The discussion doesn’t need to be long and drawn out something like: –

I really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me fir greater responsibilities like X and Y, I’ve been getting great results in these areas over the past few months and I’ve exceeded the goals we’ve set, so could we talk about adjusting my salary to reflect the higher level of my contribution.”

If you have discussed all of these and there is still no likely hood of a pay increase or a promotion, then perhaps now is the time to look for a new job. Get in touch with our team and we can support this new chapter in your career.