You have been offered a new job and that initial excitement has started to be replaced with nerves and anxiety.

Don not worry, you are not alone, after 14 years of working in recruitment, every person I speak to who is starting a new job feel nervous and worries about what tomorrow brings, even the most confident people have a wobble the day before.

Nerves are our body’s natural response to change which can really help you perform well on your first day in a new job to help you make a good first impression.

However, if you are worried that your nerves may start to take over at your new job, here are a few tips to think about before you start the job.

Talk and share your feelings

Talk to your friends and family about how your concerns or any worries you may have, they know you best and will be able to help support you with good advice to help you keep things into perspective as well as supporting you to feel like you are not alone.

Don’t worry about what others may think

Try not to put pressure on yourself to be perfect from the get go and need to impress your colleagues. It is unrealistic for anyone to know everything on their first day and you need to find your feet as you are going along. It may take a few weeks or even months for you to fully understand what you are doing and your colleagues will be there to support you and not expect too much initially. The best first impression is just to be friendly and open with them.

Speak to your new manager

It may help your nerves if you speak to your new manager before you start to help build a relationship and connection with them further. Maybe meeting for a coffee or send them an email reaching out to talk about how much you are looking forward to starting the job to open the dialogue will help. Once you speak to them further, they will be able to help you prepare better for what to expect when you start and help alleviate any nerves you may be feeling.


Feeling prepared can definitely help with your confidence levels and lessen your nerves, so plan ahead to the journey on your first day, what you are going to wear, what your going to do at lunch and do any pre advised reading about the business to help you feel ready on day one.

Do something fun

Doing something the day before you start that can really help change your mindset is a great way of managing your nerves. It could be anything from meeting friends for lunch, going out for a walk or a bike ride or catching a film at the cinema. Anything that distracts you away from what is happening can help you re balance your thoughts and help you feel more content and ready to face the new challenge.

Nerves are only temporary

You need to remember that these feelings are only temporary and you will be feeling a lot calmer by the end of the day or within a couple of days. Try to focus on all of the positive reasons you applied for and accepted the job in the first place. What makes it a great company to work for and embrace the new chapter in your life. Use this opportunity to meet new people and forge new lasting friendships.  This is definitely a time in your life when you should be feeling excited, rather than dreading what is on the horizon – so don’t let your temporary feelings of worry and nervousness get in the way of that.

I think the key here isn’t to deny that you are nervous at all, but instead to know how to manage your nerves, so that you can do what you’ll want to do on your first day – make the right impression and deliver your very best work.

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