In the wake of the pandemic, we have seen that the traditional job market has changed. Most of the candidates we are speaking to are rethinking their career goals and what is important to them.

With an abundance of job vacancies at the moment, it’s a buyers’ market for anyone looking for a new job.

Weather you like it or not, as an employer, you will need to adapt your recruitment and retention processes to a new way of working.

More candidates want remote and agile work options

When we were all forced to work from home during lockdowns 1 & 3, many candidates got a taste of what it would be like to work from home and are now looking for ways of maintaining this better work / life balance as we come out of the pandemic.

Candidates are deciding to leave employers who are asking them to return to the office 100% and are more in favour of remote and agile opportunities.

After announcing that it would allow 90% of its workforce to work from home on a part time basis, the real estate company Zillow saw job applications rise by 50%.

If you decide to make your workforce remote, there are benefits to you too. When recruiting you are no longer tied to the geographical restrictions that Yorkshire has to offer and long commutes for rural locations. Offering remote working, opens up this talent pool to the rest of the UK or abroad.

Being open to remote or agile working will allow you to gain a competitive edge in your recruitment of the small talent pool that is around at the moment. Keeping a more agile workforce doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice your office completely, as a physical office can be important in encouraging employee engagement, teamwork and supporting the culture of the business.

Bring back the Human Element.

Many businesses I speak to say that their recruitment process is quick, but if they are honest, not all can say that it is efficient. Relying on Automated screening tools and ATS’s that will screen or evaluate the candidate’s CV based on Key words will not produce the best matches in today’s market.

Recruiting managers should not be automating the whole task as you should be looking at the applications personally to view the human side of things.

This is more important now than ever as we are seeing an increasing number of CV’s and applications from candidates who would not normally meet the requirements, however by speaking to and understanding who the person is and what they transferable skills are, we are able to find those people who can be a great fit for an organisation who would have ordinarily been missed by automated screening.

Technology has its place in recruitment and used well, it is essential, however it can’t read between the lines and tell you why someone chose to move to a new location or that they suddenly had a bereavement that impacted their career.

Change your Interview Process

Pre pandemic, hiring managers would be able to stretch out the interview process and take their time to make a decision on who they wanted to recruit. However, its flipped on its head and the candidates are pickier because there are more job available at the moment and companies are fighting for the same talent.

You need to learn to sell your opportunity and the business to the candidate as quickly as possible so that you can get a candidate on board with you without losing interest.

You should assume that any decent candidate that you are interviewing is also meeting with your competitors or others in your area. You should try and balance the speed of your interview process as well as being able to make a personal connection with the candidate, even when you are interviewing virtually over Teams or Zoom. If there is no connection, then the candidate will probably not want to come to join your team.

If you can then you should invite your preferred candidate to meet with different members of the team to get different perspectives of your business. This will enable them to get a feel for your culture and enable them to get a better connection to the opportunity you have available. This could be make or break when you are offering them the job.

Show candidates they matter

Currently candidates are looking for something that sets your company apart from everyone else. Whilst offering agile and flexible working is important, you cand and should go further than this to show you value your people.

If you have saved money due to downsizing your office space as everyone has moved remotely, then invest this back into the business as a new benefit scheme, training and development or enhanced holidays. You could plan away days or retreats as well as offering company bonuses. All of these will show your people that they really matter to you and are valued by the business as well as improving your retention rates.

In this current labour market, you need to be able to differentiate yourself from your competitor and the best way to do this is to listen to what the candidates and employees want.

Recruiting will always prove challenging at the moment; however, it is not impossible if you are willing to adapt your recruitment process.

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