When the pandemic hit, we quickly shifted from working in office building to our homes and have been adjusting ever since.

90% of employees believe that flexible working arrangements will increase morale, and 67% would consider leaving their jobs if their work arrangements became less flexible, according to Staples’ 2019 Workplace Survey.

So the question is how can you support your employees to make their work lives better?

Invest in your people

Your employees are people who have lives and families outside of work, the pandemic has effected everyone differently and there isn’t just one way of making sure that your people are ok, however if you create a support network for your teams, this will make a difference. Your people will not perform at their best if they do not feel supported.

You can do this via buddy systems, virtual coffee meetings, mental health and wellbeing initiatives to name a few.

Understand your people, their needs and reallocate resources

Everyone has had to adjust to different ways of working and understanding your people and their needs to be able to do their job, is essential during difficult times like these.

If they have childcare issues, are you able to offer them more flexible hours so that they can work around school / nursery times. If they are working from home, can they complete their tasks on an evening, do they have to work 9-5?

Can you reallocate some of your resources to find solutions to your employees problems of being able to work effectively at home or in the office.

Support your people

Everyone has struggled this year with balancing home and work life as they have all merged into one. Have you updated your policies to reflect any changes that are there to support your people?

Provide resources that your employees need rather than what you want to give them. Hints and tips on balancing working from home with keeping their wellbeing balanced is excellent along with encouraging regular exercise or links to sessions that they can log on and watch.

Be there when it matters

Actions speak louder than words as a business leader, so making sure that you show compassion and empathy to your people when they need you the most is imperative.

Are you able to support your people by offering optional part-time hours or flexible leave of absence (while maintaining full benefit eligibility) and flexible work arrangements — including alternative hours and compressed work weeks.

During stressful times of crisis, or uncertainty, the spotlight is intensified on your actions. It not about what you say, but what you actually do. How you show up and demonstrate that you have your people’s backs will always outweigh anything you’ve said.

Have fun

Im sure everyone is sick and tired of Zoom quizzes and coffee meets, however, this time with your people is invaluable to them so make it count.

Thinking about fun ways to get your teams together virtually has been a struggle for most business leaders, but over the last 10 months, I have seen some amazing ideas from virtual bake offs, to cocktail making lessons as well as so many quizzes. There have been a number of Facebook and Whatsapp groups created so that colleagues can share ideas, thoughts and even videos.

We all need to have fun and laugh when times are hard so don’t forget and lets carry on.

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