The North of England is bucking a national employment trend, it has been revealed.

KD Recruitment, based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, helps compile monthly reports for KPMG and REC, both key players in the recruitment industry.

The most recent report entitled: UK Report on Job: North of England reveals the region has outperformed other areas of the country, despite the economic challenges imposed as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Kelly Dunn, Managing Director of KD Recruitment, one of the area’s leading recruitment agencies, said: “Recent figures and reports which we help collate provides a positive insight into the temporary employment situation.

“The North of England bucks the trend and outshines other regions of the UK.”

The North of England is bearing the brunt of the controversial Tier Scheme restrictions yet is bucking the trend in terms of successful temporary employment pathways.

The report, issued on 8th October 2020, reveals impressive growth in temporary positions advertised with substantial growth since April 2020. Recruiters in the North of England saw demand for temporary staff improve for the first time in seven months. The marked increase was faster than the UK average. In April 2020, temporary positions in the North were stood at 15.5% and this jumped to 56.9% in September 2020.

Kelly continued: “While we are concerned for certain sectors such as tourism and hospitality, we help map out current market changes within the region and across the UK. Our most recent report indicates employers are looking to hire more temporary workers in other sectors.

“Industries which have experienced increases in demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic include food production, IT and legal sectors.”

As the Government grapples with the impact of Covid-19, the North of England also shows growth in successful applicant appointments and showed a mild uptick in pay compared to previous months.

Kelly said: “The latest announcements about the Job Support Scheme for the winter of 2020 to 2021 are welcome news to many employers and in turn their employees.

“The role of recruitment specialists is to help people in their time of need and secure employment during these truly difficult times.”

You can view the media coverage here.