It is now commonplace for a lot of experienced employees to work remotely from home. It not only enables you to hire exceptional staff from all over the UK, Europe or even the rest of the World, but also enables your business to evolve with your staff and their personal needs.  If you want to get the best out of your staff, why not let them be efficient at home rather than having a commute into the office.

By enabling your employees to work remotely you are able to tap into a larger pool of talented individuals. We are currently in a candidate driven market and there is a shortage of the skills needed locally so this would open up more opportunities for your business.

Remote working is not a one way street, it also helps a business with staff retention and can reduce turnover. It can also help with productivity as they are able to work in their own environment.

One area for you to be aware of is making remote workers feel included within a team or the business. Changing the way you manage and communicate with them is very important to enable this to happen.

Does your business offer this way of working or are you still looking for local staff to work in your office on a day to day basis?