In the current climate, everyone here at KD Recruitment thought we would try and give you a lot more relevant information about the what is happening in the market, ideas on what you could do as an employer or a job seeker, as well as some inspirational uplifting blogs whilst many of you are at home and isolating. So we have invited a number of business owners to write blogs for us which we will post on regular intervals for you to read. Here is our first one from Margaret Inglesant, Inspire UK…….

Today I’ve been a crab……

Like most people I’ve had my up days and down days through this current crisis we find ourselves in. Today has been a strange day. Firstly I had to go to the supermarket to get some essentials and experienced something I thought I never would in the UK – controlled shopping, plus queuing to get into the supermarket, only being allowed in when people came out the other doors then working one way around the supermarket, before joining one long queue for the tills. At times it’s like living in a dream, or a film, about a Totalitarian state, but then logic kicks in and you remember it’s all for our own good – hang on isn’t that what you get told in a Totalitarian state too………

The rest of the day has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster so far too – a good one though!

My astrological sign is right on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, which at times gets a bit confusing for me and those around me. I often show only one side of my Gemini attributes the Adaptable, Intelligent and Outgoing side but I do also have my Impulsive moments and Indecisiveness caused by being over analytical and of course there’s also my crazy, child-like fun side which these days is mainly reserved for the grandchildren. And yes I do believe in Astrology as well as Personality and Behavioural traits.

However, by far today, I have been a crab! My Cancer attributes for caring, nurturing, empathy and defensiveness have really been strong today and I have felt the need to get in my shell and protect myself. After shopping it would have been so easy to have had a duvet day and wrap myself up in a blanket and indulge myself with sleep, tv and food, but knowing there’s so much time ahead of us for days like this, and seeing the glorious sunshine, I picked up the dog lead and headed out, just me and Benson and I’m so glad I did.

I realised that even in the midst of all the current stress and worry there is real hope and some things in life are carrying on as normal. No-one has told Mother Nature (who btw has got to be the most Inspirational Women around ever 😀 ) that there’s a global crisis. Life is going on around us, Spring has Sprung, the sky is blue, trees and plants are budding and birds are singing. I walked through Peasholm Glen where I saw squirrels flying through the trees as they jumped from branch to branch – who knew they could jump so far? I saw a robin bathing in the stream and the noise of birdsong was beautiful. The ducks were swimming on Peasholm Lake, without a care in the world and the pigeons are still hovering around waiting for the occasional walker throwing bread. Missing my daughters and grandchildren I sent them a video from my walk through the Glen so they could share some of the beauty I was witnessing. Both daughters are working from home and one of them is a key worker with a huge and stressful workload as she manages
agencies and recruits the unprecedented numbers of temporary staff needed across the UK for her supermarket employer. Hopefully at some point they’ll both get to see the video and share it with the grandchildren and give them a few minutes to remember the times they’ve been down that same route too.

My intention was just to walk round Peasholm Park and then head home but guess what – the crab side of me spotted the sea at Peasholm Gap and I just couldn’t resist getting closer. Walking along the beach, just me and Benson, a sprinkling of dog walkers and a couple of families getting their daily exercise, all social distancing of course, it was so invigorating. The sky was bluer than I’ve seen it in a long time and even the sea seemed clearer and bluer, the beach was perfect and could have given the best beaches in the world a run for their money. Even Benson seemed to be enjoying the beach even more than he normally does and didn’t tire as quickly as he normally does.

Walking back to the car I spent time reflecting on what I’d just experienced and honestly it really feels like Mother Nature is sending us a message of hope, that no matter what happens LIFE GOES ON.

And it does go on. Although it’s not business as usual at the moment for any of us just remember that life is continuing as normal in all the beautiful nature around us and try to enjoy it in any way you can, when you can.


After a varied career spent in Senior Management Operational roles, Margaret Inglesant now works with individual Leaders and Managers, supporting them in developing their careers through her company Inspire UK.  Working with corporate clients, she enables them to identify the strengths and development needs of their teams, and support them with bespoke Coaching programmes, to meet the changing needs of their businesses.

Since 2013, Inspire UK has a proven track record and is the result of thirty years’ experience in the retail environment, public sector, recruitment industry and charitable sector. Margaret is passionate about the benefits of Coaching and her aim is to ‘inspire’ people to make the changes required, which in turn have a positive impact on careers and life away from work. She is a firm believer that coaching for personal and career development shouldn’t end when the coaching sessions do and that Coachees should leave the sessions with new found self-coaching skills and confidence to continue their journey.

Fore more information on Inspire UK please check out their website