Like many business owners, I came into 2020 with a plan of how the year was going to pan out, we had just recruited our third member of the team, Cathy Wood, who would be working with our clients across East Yorkshire. We were working with some fantastic businesses on their recruitment strategies and looking at how we could be their recruitment and resourcing partner, as well as having some amazing events planned that we couldn’t wait to share with you. But then March came around and everything changed, not just for us, but for everyone…….

LOCK DOWN – everything stopped………but not forever. Our business was just put on pause…..

We are in the same position as many other businesses in the region, coming out of lockdown with Covid-19 still hanging around, trying to look to the future and get everything back on track.

Over the past few weeks and months, I have been speaking to other business owners, directors and HR professionals about how they have adapted to the  “new normal” and what their recovery plan looks like.

It’s fair to say that I initially assumed that everyone would be struggling, as we have all watched and listened to the media and seen all of the bad news coming out of it.

However, I have been really surprised to hear of the positive good news stories about growth and diversification on new products and services as well as seeing green shoots of new markets emerging.  We have been able to give the right level of advice and guidance to those that we have been speaking to in order to help them plan ahead. From restructuring and redundancy support to talent mapping, workforce planning and attrition as well as marketing and social media advice, we have been able to add value to our clients in a number of different ways.

Being a member of The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation), we also take part in a monthly REC’s JobsOutlook survey. Having seen the reports from those conducted during the first half of June, they have found that employers’ hiring intentions had improved, and an increasing proportion are expected to be able to take on new staff in both the short and medium term. During this time there were also signs that the number of job postings active in the UK was on the rise.

As the country’s jobs experts, the REC have been working in close partnership with government during the crisis, and it is vital that the spirit of collaboration between politicians, employers and recruiters continues. The road to recovery will not be an easy one to travel – but the best way forward is together.

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