A recent survey and report from Indeed suggests that as a job seeker you should pay attention to the whole job application process from application through to interview. They spoke to 1000 Small businesses to see what they look for in an application, CV, and at interview stage when they recruit.

This report suggests that when you are looking to apply for a new job, you should always read through the job description / job advert thoroughly and use your application / CV to be able to show your understanding and suitability for the position advertised. You should be able to demonstrate how and why you have the necessary skills and experience for the job.

There findings suggest that the top 5 reasons why employers reject CV’s and applications are:

5) If someone is too over qualified for the position – 7%

4) If they have had too many short-term jobs (not including temporary roles) – 11%

3) If there are spelling and grammatical errors – 19%

2) Misunderstood job suitability – 19%

1) If the applicant has insufficient experience – 21%

(81% of the businesses that were spoken to said that they pay more attention to experience rather than education.)

Once you have got passed the application stage, you need to now prepare for the interview by researching the business. You need to show enthusiasm for the company and the position you are interviewing for as 33% of employers said that they would not hire someone with a poor attitude.

Whilst you are preparing for your interview you should also be thinking about how you are going to connect with the interviewer on a personal level as the top reason that employers say yes to someone is “Gut Feeling”

The other reasons are:

5) The candidate reminds the employer of themselves

4) The candidate has good qualifications

3) They have a strong interview technique

2) The candidate has the relevant skills and experience for the role

1) Gut Feeling