Following Labour’s landslide general election result, KD Recruitment is ‘first out of the blocks’ with its response to the new Government’s policies affecting the UK’s workforce.

Kelly Dunn, founder of KD Recruitment said: “As one of the area’s leading recruitment businesses and a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), we anticipate various elements of the Labour Manifesto and their Make Work Pay Plan that will be helpful to the UK’s workforce, such as reforming the apprenticeship levy to a new flexible growth and skills levy, creating a better industrial strategy and having a genuine living wage for all adults.

“There are some areas of possible risks: reforming single ‘worker’ status and abolishing exploitative zero-hour contracts as well as attempting to restrict agency staffing in the NHS, across local authorities and in other areas.

“We will be listening carefully to King’s Speech on 17th July, during which the new government will outline their legislative plans for the next Parliament; an Employment Bill is also expected to be announced.

“Where we are more cautious is Labour’s commitment to changing ‘worker’ status to define if you are employed or self-employed.”

“This will affect the whole UK workforce as there are over one million temporary workers on assignment in the UK every day, through recruitment agencies across the NHS, manufacturing and engineering, hospitality, and a number of other sectors which rely heavily on a flexible workforce.”

“Not thinking about this thoroughly could be detrimental to the recovery of our economy and future workforce planning.

“We have yet to see what Labour means by ‘exploitative’ zero-hour contracts. In my opinion, the new Government needs to understand that flexible working, temporary contracts and zero-hour contracts are not just flexible for the employer, but for the employee, too. Many people have commitments outside of the working day including caring responsibilities, skills training and more and this type of work suits their lifestyle.”

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, also responded:

“With a decisive mandate in hand, this new Government has goodwill from businesses and support for its core goal – getting growth and prosperity flowing across the UK. Only business can deliver this – so a strong partnership is necessary.

“The labour market has changed over the past few decades – of course, workers need to be treated well, but that includes choice and opportunity on how and when they work.

“Workers and businesses across the country understand the goals of Labour’s plan but its implementation must support a growing economy and accept that there is no one best way of working.

“Nowhere is the value of the flexible workforce more apparent than in the health, social care and education sectors. Attacks on flexible work during the campaign – when agency workers are keeping these services afloat – misrepresented the true picture of public sector workforce planning that has been in chaos. This new Labour government has the chance to change all that by getting public sector employers, unions and agencies together to address procurement issues and deliver better, more efficient services for voters.”

Kelly added: “The REC’s in-depth response to the change of Government also highlighted areas for concern such as Labour’s position on IR35 for off-payroll workers, and the need to stamp out exploitation of migrant workers.”

“In some ways, agency work is seen as a secondary way of working and REC members, including ourselves, want to combat this perception.”

“Here at KD Recruitment, we are being proactive: we will contact our new Scarborough MP, the new mayor and will continue to contribute to the regional jobs data, which will in turn help local businesses.”

“Overall, our commitment to help local businesses source the best talent for their employment opportunities remains undiminished as we continue to offer excellent customer service in Scarborough, along the Yorkshire Coast and beyond.”



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