Do you know how long it takes you to recruit and fill a vacancy within your business?

Pre Covid – 70% of companies were taking anywhere between 1 – 4 months to process a new hire. This will now increase as more candidates are looking for new opportunities.

At times like these, you may think the market is awash with candidates looking for work and it will be easy to recruit, however the time it takes you to go through the process is going to be exponentially longer and you are still not guaranteed to find the best person for your role.

Advertising a vacancy at the moment may mean that you could get more applications (100 + per day currently for lower level roles), however, the relevance and calibre of these candidates hasn’t increased.

  • If 99% of these applications are not relevant, do you have the time to read each CV?
  • How long will this process take you along with fitting it around your ‘normal’ job?
57% of job seekers lose interest in a job if the hiring process is lengthy.

For every hour you spend recruiting, it’s an hour less you are spending on your ‘normal job’ within the business. Being able to reduce your “time to hire” is a great way to reduce your cost-per-hire and improve your candidate experience.

One candidate I spoke to last week, said an organisation had closed a job they wanted to apply for after 24 hours due to too many applications. They had worked in the industry previously and done the same role, but was not allowed to apply as the vacancy had closed.

  • As a business, can you afford to miss out on the best candidate and keep the advert open, or run the risk of too many CV’s being sent.
  • If you have 500 + applications for ONE vacancy, do you have the time and resources to go through them all?
  • What happens if you have multiple vacancies?

One way of saving you TIME and MONEY is to use an experienced Recruitment Agency like KD Recruitment, we will work hard to keep the process as quick and easy as possible for you, and ultimately improve the candidate experience along with promoting your employer brand.

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