During these unprecedented  times of isolation, we are all adapting to new ways of working and one of the things that has changed significantly, is how companies are interviewing for jobs. The raise of the video interview has begun, weather it is via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom or another source, our clients still need to recruit and have changed how they operate.

Here are our top tips on what to do to prepare and give yourself the best chance of being offered that dream job.


Make sure that you are are somewhere nice and quiet, where you will not be interrupted during the call. Be aware of your surroundings and clear anything away that may not give the best first impression; you do not want your clothes drying in the background or wallpaper peeling off the walls.

Avoid Distractions

Whilst you are conducting the interview, make sure that all programmes have been closed on your laptop and Apps on your phone. Do everything you can to keep your attention on the interviewer at all times. You do not want anything to happen that will mean your eye is taken away from the camera.

Internet Connection

Check your internet connection before hand, is it stable and where is the best place to be in your home. You do not want anything to disrupt the call or your ability to hear / answer the questions.

What to wear

Although you are sat in front of your computer, you will be seen by the interviewer, so make sure you are dressed ready for the interview as if it was in person. Think about your clothes, hair, makeup / facial hair. You want to be as smart as possible to give the best first impression.

Body Language

Having the right body language in any interview is important so make sure that you are sat up straight and not slouching in a chair.

If you follow these tips for your next video interview, then they should help you to the next step in your career.

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