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    Sustainability is often described as “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”

    We look at sustainability from three primary standpoints:

    • Environmental

    • Economic

    • Social

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    Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Mental wellbeing has recently been brought to the forefront and provided a platform to say ‘it's ok not to be ok’. With this in mind, we have created this white paper in partnership with Benenden Healthcare in York to look at Mental Health and well-being in the workplace and what you can do to improve your systems, policies and processes. Mental health and wellbeing is not a binary state –you’re not either mentally well or mentally ill and speaking about Mental Health does not make more people unwell! it decreases stigma and allows honest conversations. So let's start talking…

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    How has the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns affected the North and East Yorkshire Region

    A year ago, our lives were pretty much ticking over ... we planned for the new decade ... and then Covid-19 swept the globe. We started using new terminology: furlough, shielding, lockdown and social distancing. Our world changed beyond recognition. However, we wanted to measure these changes and highlight positive ways in which our business community adapted to the ‘new normal’.

    The results of our survey are positive, insightful, surprising and emotional. And they’re certainly not what we expected.

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    Marketing Tips and Guidance for SME businesses

    We have created a Marketing guide for SME’s in partnership with Framework Marketing. Using our step by step guide you will be able to create your own Marketing plan for your business, Set your goals are the for the next 12 months as well as being able to review how many customers you need to get to this point/products to sell.

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    Neurodiversity on the workplace

    The term neurodiversity, refers to the infinite range of differences in individual human brain function and behavioural traits. It’s an umbrella term for people who aren’t neurotypical and includes such conditions as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourette syndrome, among others. While most people operate within a range considered “neurotypical”, a significant percentage extend into ranges considered neurodiverse.

    Neurodiverse workers may not always be able to thrive within existing work place environments and practices. People with certain kinds of neurodivergence may be challenged to concentrate, manage distractions, regulate emotions, recall information, process details quickly or communicate effectively. Despite the sought-after advantages and specialist skillsets that neurodiverse thinkers bring, they frequently face obstacles in getting and staying hired.

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    The Importance of Employer Branding

    Employer Branding is about creating an identity for your organisation. It will enable you to attract top talent and be able to retain them, as well as having a positive impact on both suppliers and customers.
    Get it right and your business can grow and grow.

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