KD Recruitment have compiled the most in-depth report yet about the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Yorkshire-based businesses and it has now been published.

Covid-19: Effects of the Global Pandemic on the Yorkshire and Humber Business Sector is a 17-page document highlighting the resilience and strength of companies during the grips of a global pandemic, three national lockdowns, tier restrictions and ever-changing Government guidelines.

Kelly Dunn, Managing Director, said: “By the time the second Lockdown was announced, discovering how businesses within our region had adapted was crucial to the continued success of our local economy. I wanted to be able to showcase how well everyone had adapted and what challenges they had overcome”.

Kelly continued: “I created the survey around a number of specific questions, challenges and adaptations they had made as well as looking forward to life after Covid and their continued recovery. I wanted to cover the whole region, so distributed the survey far and wide, enabling us to get the widest possible scope of responses.”

The report, which includes graphs, pie charts, interviews, a case study and expert opinions, highlights the main challenges including adapting to remote working practices, the furlough scheme and keeping employees safe and well.

Kelly continued: “I knew that so many businesses had adapted really well to the Pandemic and altered not only their way of working, but in some cases, they had completely changed their products and service offering whilst making sure that they were 100% Covid secure.”

“Undoubtedly certain sectors have borne the brunt of it, including hospitality, travel and tourism. Yet some sectors have seen significant growth such as food manufacturing, IT, and agriculture to name a few.”

The report also predicts the continued effects going into 2021 with an emphasis on help for younger workers and showing that the economy started to make a recovery in Quarter 4 of 2020.

Kelly said: “This report has been emotional work for us as we know people have faced challenges on all fronts, including at home as well as in their place of work.

“Yet this report offers a beacon of hope to all businesses proving that many have emerged in a position of strength, despite the odds.

“Our role as recruitment partners provides only part of the story. We foresee that jobs creation will return; reskilling and redeployment will increase, and pent-up demand will offer a lifeline to many businesses.”

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