Adapting to this new way of life – Lindsay Mason, Cura Financial Services

Working from the end of my dining room table is certainly a change from being in an open plan office, I really miss having my colleagues around me. The whole team has daily video chats to make sure we’re all doing ok, I look forward to seeing everyone, I imagine as the weeks go by we’ll need that sense of friendship and community more than ever. We also meet up on a Friday for a G&T or a cuppa to catch up and reflect on our week.

Trying to juggle working from home whilst homeschooling has had its challenges. I’ve quickly learnt not to put too much pressure on myself or the children, coming into week 2 has made me realise my main priority is that they feel safe and are happy. I can see it’s had quite an impact on my youngest, so rather than bombarding him with times tables and grammar, I’m finding learning through play is working best right now.

I’m focusing on not getting too disheartened if we don’t do every P.E with Joe Wicks, or use this time to learn a new hobby or language!!! I’ll admit I’m a bit of a control freak so it has been hard adjusting, but we’re all learning and finding our own unique adaptations.

Spreading kindness

My son’s class was due to hold a fundraiser at school for Saint Catherine’s Hospice this past week. Unfortunately due to the cancelling of the gathering of people, then with the school closures, it didn’t happen. Although we totally understood why, the children were disappointed as they were really looking forward to it.

So, I got my thinking cap on and decided to hold a virtual coffee morning for the Hospice. I lost my Mum in February of this year to cancer, she spent her last week in Saint Catherine’s, and the care she received was beyond exceptional. We created some beautiful memories; the staff and volunteers are extremely special, caring people.

Going through this time without my Mum has been hard, the grief is still very fresh and raw. I cannot begin to imagine how heartbreaking it must be for families to be going through the same and experiencing loss, during such different and difficult circumstances and not being able to meet others for support. The patients, their families and the hospice need our support more than ever!

I’m pleased to say the virtual fundraiser was a huge success and we raised just under £300!

I’m gaining strength and happiness from the little things, me and my daughter got up early one morning this week to cheer on the dustbin men, and we are writing letters to key workers to thank them for their vital role in keeping the nation going. I think it’s this sense of gratitude and appreciation that will see us all through this.

I’m appreciating that I’m lucky to be still able to work, enjoying spending extra time at home with my family and so very thankful for all key workers and frontline healthcare providers.

Stay safe! Together we’ve got this!

Lindsay Mason is a Marketing Executive for Cura Financial Services, based in Filey. They specialise in arranging protection insurance for those with pre-existing medical conditions. They have seen a huge increase in enquiries and questions being directed to them, especially surrounding income protection.

They are seeing the industry react on a daily basis to the spread of Covid-19. To give some guidance on this, they have created a new page on their website to answer any queries you may have. They are keeping this as up-to-date as possible, when they are identifying changes within insurers stances:

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