Your company culture is the character and personality of your business. It refers to how your people interact, collaborate and get along within the workplace. A POSITIVE culture is really important at the moment as it will help you to attract talent to your job vacancies, it will increase employee engagement whilst making sure that they are happy and productive whilst enabling you to retain your top talent.

A strong company culture is now essential in making sure that your existing and future employees want to be part of your journey and vision.

Here are our top 7 ways you can improve your company culture.

Community and teamwork

Teams that work closely together through the good times and the bad times have a greater sense of community. This also includes enabling them to go out into the community for a number of different engagement / charity opportunities.

While some might worry that the time away from the office is distracting, community engagement programs are proving to have a positive effect on business results.

Celebrating special events and milestones for individuals and the business will build on the community feel and your employee engagement, as well as improving the bond between you and your team members.


Everyone wants to be treated fairly in life and at work. Companies that have a strong sense of fairness where staff feel like everyone gets treated the same and have the same opportunities open to them will ultimately feel more engaged.

Many employees say that being paid fairly for their work makes them twice as likely to think their workplace is great. But when your staff are proud of their work, they are 20 times more likely to say it’s a great place to work.

Trustworthy Management

When employees say managers are honest and ethical, they’re 5 times more likely to want to work there for a long time, and 11 times more likely to think the workplace is great.

If your managers actions follow what they say to your people then they will be seen as more trustworthy, credible and personable. Make sure that they don’t over promise and under deliver. Listen to your staff and work with them, rather than against them.

If you have trustworthy managers then they will more than likely have a positive impact on your employee retention, employee engagement, productivity, and motivation, as well as your employees becoming advocates for your business.


If your managers can create a safe environment for your staff to express ideas and make suggestions. Your team will become 31 times more likely to think their workplace is innovative.

Workplaces that have innovative cultures inspire employee loyalty, confidence and willingness to go that extra mile.

Employees at innovative companies are 4 times more likely to say they’re proud of who they work for and recommend them. They will think their company is a great place to work, and are more likely to give that little bit extra to get the job done.


If you show people that you trust them, they will usually prove you right. We have seen that as a result of covid, many businesses had to trust that their staff could work flexible hours remotely from different locations, and overall, this was a positive result for many.

If you are able to continue to trust your team with a more hybrid and flexible approach, they will be more dedicated and engaged as they will feel trusted to meet your business goals and know that what they are doing really makes a difference.

If you have strong employee relationships, you can prevent people from abusing your flexible and hybrid working policies and tackling any concerns head on.


Most businesses say they value their employees, but do they show it?

We have seen some exceptional support offered during the pandemic, but have you continued this level of care within your business?

We have seen that most staff want to be able to sit down with their managers for 121’s, coaching sessions, informal chats or just a weekly catch up. All of this will enable you to listen, ask questions around the employees’ health, wellbeing and more importantly at the moment, their welfare.

If you can listen, show you care, empathise and show signs of trying to help and support then your team will become more engaged and work with you to drive your vision forward.


Most people are driven by being recognised for doing something well. Even if its just a little thank you, an email showing your gratification or a little postcard and a cake. Employees will thrive on this and want to impress you more if it is recognised.

Identifying personal development and career progression opportunities are other ways of recognising your top talent and retaining them in difficult market.

People are driven and motivated to work for a company they are proud of, so make sure they are proud to work for your business.

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