Choosing Happiness – Karen Noble, Noble Words

So many of us are experiencing this lockdown in so many different ways. But, guaranteed, it’s affecting all. Before I say any more, I want to acknowledge all the key workers, especially those on the frontline of the NHS and social care, putting themselves at risk to care for others. Nothing we can ever say will be enough thanks and I hope the respect and faith that is being shown in these individuals remains long after the Corona virus has been eliminated.

I’m a writer – perfect for me you may think, being stuck at home with my computer, but pop a 7 year old and an only-just-4 year old into the mix and it shakes things up a bit. We’re in week two now – my friend who lives in France is in week three and is sending lots of useful tips and funny memes to keep adults and kids in good humour. We’re very grateful.

This week, I feel, will be more productive. I won’t let the fact that some clients have cancelled projects get me down, and I won’t let the constant interruptions from my kids stress me out. I am lucky.

The main happiness factor is that my kids are better. Last week was a week of worry in so many ways. My son had temp of above 39 at the weekend and he complained of headaches, sore arms and was off his food. My daughter a few days later decided to take things up a notch with a temperature of 40.4 which I only managed to get down to 39.5, even with the magic of Calpol.

Wednesday night saw me calling 111, worrying about putting more pressure on the NHS, feeling that I was wasting their time when surely there were more important folk to deal with. But, it was my daughter and nothing is more important to me than my children, just as, I imagine, nothing is more important than your children are to you.

Children are our lives as well as our future: they steal our hearts when they are born and hold onto them forever.

So, while my business, which I only started in September and therefore am still in the building stage, is taking a hit, I hold on to the knowledge that I am healthy, I am happy, and I am here for my kids. And, if we need to have less of a choice of breakfast cereals, biscuits and snacks, and they can’t eat pasta for a few weeks, so what? We have each other.

This extends to all of us. We are taking this past the walls of our own houses and into the empty streets where communities celebrate solidarity against adversity and shoulders are offered to be leaned upon (at a distance), or to hold up arms which carry bags of shopping for our neighbours

We will come through this and we’ll come through it together. In the meantime, we’re finding new ways to live, to work, to communicate and to socialise. New ways to be happy

We may be self-isolating, but we are not isolated. We may be in lockdown, but opportunities are not locked away. Opportunities to be who you want to be. Opportunities that may not be measured in financial return, but those which can be measured in personal strength and support for one another.

Karen is a Content Writer, Copywriter, Blog Writer and Poet at Noble Words Creative Writing. She loves people, animals, the planet, and all things that make her laugh, as well as, of course, writing!

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