2 months in at KD Recruitment – Cathy Wood, Recruitment Consultant

I joined KD Recruitment on 10 February 2020, excited to be stating a new chapter of my life.  I hadn’t realised just how much I had needed a change in my life, but here was an opportunity not to be passed by. So 2020 is going to be my year I thought ….

Since starting, I can honestly say it has restored my faith in people. There are so many positive, hardworking and interesting people in the world.  The candidates are some of the most inspiring people I have met, they all have a story which needs to be shared.  They are looking for roles to complete and fulfil themselves. The overriding desire people have, is to feel valued, praised and rewarded for their hard work and endeavour. The money, although needed to live, is not the motivating factor in people changing roles, they just want to feel they belong in an environment where they can grow and express themselves, in whatever way suits them most.  Most, have a wonderful sense of fun, and it is this side of people’s personalities that makes interviewing them a pleasure and not really work at all.  Then there are our Clients, again fantastic, strong, motivated individuals who love the work they do and are passionate about the business they work for and the products they produce. They also want to do their best for their business to help it succeed and grow.

So, a month in and I was starting to feel like I was making some good progress; networking events are always a scary time, I always seem to feel like the new girl at school and the one who doesn’t know anyone in the room, but there are always those kind souls who take pity on you and take you under their wings, and surprisingly, I find myself not always being the most nervous person in the room.  I have been into secondary schools (somewhere I used yo hate), to do mock interviews, again, I have been reassured that the world is going to be in some very capable hands, as the youth of today are not as they are often perceived. They too are looking to work as hard as they can to achieve the best results they can, they often have clear and achievable goals of what they want to achieve and I’m sure the ones we saw will go on to do fantastic things.

Then there are the other random events I have been too….Jess Cunningham (once seen will never be forgotten), Speed-networking and International Women’s Day. If ever you wanted to feel a sense that you can achieve more than you thought possible, this is the event to go to; the stories, lives and loves of these wonderful ladies….I am in ore of each and every one of you……

And just when all this excitement wasn’t enough, I had just advertised my first roles, interviewed the candidates, put forward their CV’s to our Clients, and here they sit ……waiting for Coronavirus to pass….I feel a bit like we have all been left in limbo, as I wait to see if I have made the right call. Have I understood the candidates? Have I assessed the client’s needs sufficiently?….and disappointingly I may not find out for some time to come…..

However, the past few weeks have been the most exciting, positive and fabulous working weeks of my 20+ years of experience.  I can honestly say, working has been an absolute pleasure over the past 2 months.  My colleagues are fantastic, they see the best in everyone, the positive side of the situation and it is this, more than anything which I love. It creates and energy which is infectious and makes me want to be a better person. I’m more positive,and I’m the happiest I have been for years, despite our current situation….So while I wait to see what happens over the next few weeks, I will be staying in, doing some exercises, trying not to eat too much and counting the days until I can go back, so that I can continue on this wonderful journey.

Cathy Wood is a specialist Recruitment Consultant for KD Recruitment covering the East Yorkshire region from Bridlington to Hull and everything in between. You can connect with her here on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathy-wood-01b3b888/